Alfamax Fire Detection Systems


With its 30-year history, Alfamax has continued to grow by targeting the principle of "Priority is quality and customer satisfaction". It manufactures world-class fire detection systems, nurse call systems, emergency lighting and routing fixtures. Alfamax, with its experienced and expert employees, is disciplined, responsible, following the developing technologies and offers new technological products at world standards with its R&D and production studies. Going further than the point reached in its own sector, it produces products that prove themselves in domestic and foreign markets. Our company follows the developing technologies, keeps up with the times, offers world-class products, represents our country in Europe and many countries of the world, and is on the way to becoming a sought-after brand and is on the way to achieving its goals. A world-class R&D and Production is our main goal.


OUR MISSION; To produce, develop and present technologies that make life easier and save lives in the field of electronic security and safety building equipment.

OUR VISION; To be the leading company that develops and produces products and services in the field of electronic construction equipment in our country and the world, and is preferred with the technology it offers.

Alfamax Fire Detection Systems
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